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    • Collection number: Carlson
    • Primary contributors: Luis Espirito Santo (consultant), Manoel Viera de Sousa (consultant), Getulio Viera de Sousa (consultant), Pedro Viera de Sousa (consultant), Harvey Carlson (author, researcher)
    • Additional contributors: Julião Machado (consultant), José Ramos (consultant), William Bontkes (researcher), Laura Buszard-Welcher (researcher), Leanne Hinton (researcher, compiler), Larry M. Hyman (researcher), Marvin Kramer (researcher), Anita Liang (researcher), Julio Cezar Melatti (researcher), Pam Morgan (researcher), David A. Peterson (researcher), William F. Weigel (researcher)
    • Languages: Aikana (tba), Kwaza (xwa)
    • Dates: 1984-1992
    • Extent: 1.08 linear feet (2 boxes and 1 binder)
    • Historical information: Harvey Carlson (d. March 10, 1994) received a BA in linguistics from the University of California, Berkeley. He was an audio technician in the university's Language Lab (now the Berkeley Language Center). While a student, he was awarded a President's Undergraduate Fellowship to support fieldwork on the Aikana language in the state of Rondonia, Brazil from April-June of 1984. After graduation, Carlson left the field of linguistics to pursue a career as an environmentalist.
    • Scope and content: The Papers document Carlson's field research on Aikana in Rondonia, Brazil form April-June of 1984. The collection includes his original Aikana field notebooks and photographs and a small amount of material for the Kwaza language. Carlson's main linguistic consultants were Manoel Viera de Sousa, Pedro Viera de Sousa, Getulio Viera de Sousa, and Luis Espirito Santo (Aikana) and Joséamos (Kwaza). Also included are materials developed for a field methods course held at the University of California, Berkeley in 1992 based on Carlson's field data.
    • Repository: Survey of California and Other Indian Languages
    • Preferred citation: Luis Espirito Santo, Manoel Viera de Sousa, Getulio Viera de Sousa, Pedro Viera de Sousa, and Harvey Carlson. Harvey Carlson Papers on the Aikana Language, Carlson, Survey of California and Other Indian Languages, University of California, Berkeley,
    • Associated materials: LA 165, The Harvey D. Carlson Collection of Aikaná Sound Recordings (; LA 169, The Harvey D. Carlson Collection of Koaiá Sound Recordings (; LA 171, The Harvey Carlson Collection of Makurap Sound Recordings (

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