Berkeley PhD dissertations in linguistics on Indigenous languages of the Americas

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Year Author Title Advisor
1905 Pliny Earle Goddard Morphology of the Hupa language [publication PDF] Benjamin Ide Wheeler
1932 Charles Voegelin A characterization of the Kern River Shoshonean language [publication PDF] A. L. Kroeber
1955 William Bright A grammar of the Karok language Mary Haas
1957 Sydney Lamb Mono grammar [PDF] Mary Haas
1959 Phillip Barker The Klamath language Mary Haas
1959 William Shipley Maidu grammar Mary Haas
1960 Sylvia Broadbent A grammar of Southern Sierra Miwok Mary Haas
1961 Robert Oswalt A Kashaya grammar (Southwestern Pomo) Mary Haas
1962 Wick Miller The Acoma language Mary Haas
1962 Karl Teeter The Wiyot language Mary Haas
1963 Catherine Callaghan A grammar of the Lake Miwok language [PDF] Mary Haas
1963 Terrence Kaufman Tzeltal grammar [PDF] William Shipley
1963 Esther Matteson The Piro (Arawak) language [PDF] Mary Haas
1963 Harvey Pitkin Wintu grammar [PDF] Mary Haas
1964 William Jacobsen A grammar of the Washo language [PDF] Mary Haas
1965 Haruo Aoki Nez Perce grammar [PDF] William Shipley
1965 Mary Foster The Tarascan language [PDF] Wallace Chafe
1966 James Crawford The Cocopa language [PDF] Mary Haas
1966 Margaret Langdon A grammar of Diegueño: The Mesa Grande dialect [PDF] Mary Haas
1966 Sally McLendon The Eastern Pomo language Mary Haas
1966 Shirley Silver The Shasta language [PDF] Mary Haas
1967 Russell Ultan Konkow grammar [PDF] Mary Haas
1968 Thomas Collord Yokuts grammar: Chukchansi [PDF] Terrence Kaufman
1968 Mary Marino A dictionary of Winnebago: An analysis and reference grammar of the Radin lexical file Dell Hymes
1969 Una Canger Analysis in outline of Mam, a Mayan language [PDF] Francis Whitfield
1969 David Rood A Wichita grammar: A generative semantic sketch Wallace Chafe
1969 Brian Stross Aspects of language acquisition by Tzeltal children Brent Berlin
1969 Allan Taylor A grammar of Blackfoot [PDF] Mary Haas
1970 Victor Golla Hupa grammar [PDF] Mary Haas
1970 Julius Moshinsky Southeastern Pomo grammar [PDF] Mary Haas
1970 Alva Wheeler A grammar of the Siona language, Colombia, South America [PDF] Terrence Kaufman
1971 Victor Girard Proto-Carib phonology Wallace Chafe
1971 Robert Hollow A Mandan dictionary
1971 Mauricio Mixco Kiliwa grammar Mary Haas
1972 Richard Applegate Ineseno Chumash grammar [PDF] Madison Beeler
1972 Douglas Parks A grammar of Pawnee Mary Haas
1972 Bruce Pearson A grammar of Delaware: Semantics, morpho-syntax, lexicon, phonology Mary Haas
1972 Leonard Talmy Semantic structures in English and Atsugewi [PDF] William Wang
1974 Michael Nichols Northern Paiute historical grammar [PDF] Mary Haas
1975 Geoffrey Gamble Wikchumni grammar Mary Haas
1977 Joseph Davidson A contrastive study of the grammatical structures of Aymara and Cuzco Kechua Mary Haas
1977 Brent Galloway A grammar of Chilliwack Halkomelem [PDF] Mary Haas
1977 Kathryn Klar Topics in historical Chumash grammar [PDF] Madison Beeler
1977 Marc Okrand Mutsun grammar [PDF] Mary Haas
1977 Robert Van Valin Aspects of Lakhota syntax [PDF] Wallace Chafe
1978 Jean-Pierre Beland Atikamekw morphology and lexicon [PDF] Mary Haas
1980 Kenneth Whistler Proto-Wintun kin classification: A case study in reconstruction of a complex semantic system [PDF] Mary Haas
1981 Anthony Woodbury Study of the Chevak dialect of Central Yup'ik Eskimo [PDF] Mary Haas
1981 Jon Dayley Tzutujil grammar [PDF] Wallace Chafe
1981 John Du Bois The Sacapultec language [PDF] Wallace Chafe
1982 David Shaul A grammar of Nevome [PDF] Jesse Sawyer
1983 Alan Shaterian Phonology and dictionary of Yavapai [PDF] Leanne Hinton
1985 Alice Shepherd The Yukian language family [PDF] Wallace Chafe
1986 Amy Dahlstrom Plains Cree morphosyntax [PDF] Wallace Chafe
1987 Monica Macaulay Morphology and cliticization in Chalcatongo Mixtec [PDF] Leanne Hinton
1987 Mary Catherine O'Connor Topics in Northern Pomo grammar [PDF] Charles Fillmore
1987 Katherine Turner Aspects of Salinan grammar [PDF] Wallace Chafe
1988 Thomas Larsen Manifestations of ergativity in Quiché grammar [PDF] Wallace Chafe
1988 Martha Macri A descriptive grammar of Palenque Mayan [PDF] Leanne Hinton
1988 James Watters Topics in Tepehua grammar [PDF] Charles Fillmore and Robert Van Valin
1991 Herbert Luthin Restoring the voice in Yanan traditional narrative: Prosody, performance and presentational form Leanne Hinton
1991 Lawrence Morgan Description of the Kutenai language [PDF] Leanne Hinton
1991 Stephen Wilson Patterns of change in prosodic systems [PDF] Gary Holland
1992 Eugene Buckley Theoretical aspects of Kashaya phonology and morphology [PDF] Larry Hyman
1994 David Costa The Miami-Illinois language [publication link] Richard Rhodes
1997 Anna Berge Topic and discourse structure in West Greenlandic agreement constructions [PDF] Richard Rhodes
1999 Jocelyn Ahlers Proposal for the use of cognitive linguistics in Hupa language revitalization [PDF] Eve Sweetser
2002 Brian Bielenberg "Who will sing the songs?" Language renewal among Puebloan adolescents Lily Wong Fillmore
2003 Laura Buszard-Welcher Constructional polysemy and mental spaces in Potawatomi discourse [PDF] Richard Rhodes
2003 Mary Romero Perpetuating the Cochiti way of life: A study of child socialization and language shift in a Pueblo community Lily Wong Fillmore
2004 Rosemary Beam de Azcona A Coatlán-Loxicha Zapotec grammar [PDF] Leanne Hinton
2004 Lisa Conathan The linguistic ecology of Northwestern California: Contact, functional convergence and dialectology [PDF] Andrew Garrett
2004 Christine Sims Maintaining an oral language tradition: A study of language maintenance in the Acoma Pueblo community Lily Wong Fillmore and Leanne Hinton
2005 William Weigel Yowlumne in the twentieth century [PDF] Leanne Hinton
2007 Wesley Leonard Miami language reclamation in the home: A case study [PDF] Leanne Hinton
2007 Esther Wood The semantic typology of pluractionality [PDF] Andrew Garrett
2008 Gabriela Caballero Choguita Rarámuri (Tarahumara) phonology and morphology [PDF] Andrew Garrett
2008 Cheryl Crawley Cultures out of sync: Bilingual education on the Crow Indian Reservation Stanley Brandes
2008 Christian DiCanio The phonetics and phonology of San Martín Itunyoso Trique [PDF] Keith Johnson
2008 Yuni Kim Topics in the phonology and morphology of San Francisco del Mar Huave [PDF] Sharon Inkelas
2009 Teresa McFarland The phonology and morphology of Filomeno Mata Totonac [PDF] Sharon Inkelas
2010 Erin Haynes Phonetic and phonological acquisition in endangered languages learned by adults: A case study of Numu (Oregon Northern Paiute) [PDF] Alice Gaby and Leanne Hinton
2012 Ramón Escamilla, Jr. An updated typology of causative constructions: Form-function mappings in Hupa (California Athabaskan), Chungli Ao (Tibeto-Burman) and beyond [PDF] Eve Sweetser
2012 Hannah Haynie Studies in the history and geography of California languages [PDF] Andrew Garrett
2013 Justin Spence Language Change, Contact, and Koineization in Pacific Coast Athabaskan [PDF] Andrew Garrett
2014 John Sylak-Glassman Deriving Natural Classes: The Phonology and Typology of Post-Velar Consonants [PDF] Sharon Inkelas
2015 Stephanie Farmer Establishing Reference in Máíhɨ̃ki [PDF] Lev Michael
2017 Clare Sandy Prosodic Prominence in Karuk [PDF] Andrew Garrett and Sharon Inkelas
2017 Kayla Begay Wailaki Grammar [PDF] Andrew Garrett and Justin Spence
2017 Katherine Sardinha The Semantics of Kʷak̓ʷala Object Case [PDF] Line Mikkelsen
2018 Tammy Stark Caribbean Northern Arawak Person Marking and Alignment: a Comparative and Diachronic Analysis [PDF] Lev Michael and Line Mikkelsen
2019 Amalia Skilton Spatial and non-spatial deixis in Cushillococha Ticuna [PDF] Lev Michael
2019 Kelsey Neely The Linguistic Expression of Affective Stance in Yaminawa (Pano, Peru) [PDF] Lev Michael
2019 Emily Clem Agreement, case, and switch-reference in Amahuaca [PDF] Amy Rose Deal
2020 Margaret Cychosz Phonetic development in an agglutinating language [PDF] Keith Johnson and Sharon Inkelas
2020 Zachary O'Hagan Focus in Caquinte [PDF] Lev Michael and Line Mikkelsen
2021 Julia Nee Participatory Action Research in Teotitlán del Valle Zapotec Language Revitalization [PDF] Andrew Garrett and Leanne Hinton
2021 Myriam Lapierre Towards a Theory of Subsegmental and Subfeatural Representations: The Phonology and Typology of Nasality [PDF] Sharon Inkelas and Lev Michael