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    • Collection number: 2016-08
    • Primary contributors: Edgar Pastor Rosero (consultant), Vivian Wauters (researcher, donor)
    • Additional contributors: Manuela Jumbo Rosero (consultant), Alfredo Pacaya Torrejón (consultant), Nelly Pastor Rosero (consultant), América Rosero Menacho (consultant), Zoila Rosero Menacho (consultant), Ester Rosero Vásquez (consultant), Rosa Vásquez Torres (consultant)
    • Language: Arabela (arl)
    • Dates: 2012
    • Historical information: Arabela is an endangered Zaparoan language of the Loreto region of Peru, spoken primarily in the greater Curaray river basin. These materials were collected by Vivian Wauters in the summer of 2012, following her second year in the graduate program in linguistics at the University of California, Berkeley. She conducted team-based fieldwork on related Sápara in the summer of 2011 with Lev Michael and Christine Beier.
      File names, when not the same as the file bundle identifier, usually consist of a date and speaker initials. The terms 'lav' and 'internal' refer to recordings of the same event, the first with a lavalier microphone, the latter with the internal microphone of an H4N Zoom.
    • Scope and content: Audio recordings primarily of grammatical and lexical elicitation, with some stories and conversations; field notes; FLEx database
    • Repository: Survey of California and Other Indian Languages
    • Suggested citation: Edgar Pastor Rosero and Vivian Wauters. Arabela Field Materials, 2016-08, Survey of California and Other Indian Languages, University of California, Berkeley,

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