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    • Collection number: LA1
    • Primary contributors: Ted Couro (consultant), Margaret Langdon (researcher)
    • Additional contributors: Mrs. Baneges (consultant), Dolf Bersford (consultant), Christina Hutcheson (consultant), Fernando Kwaxa (consultant), Ortiz Lopez (consultant), Mathilda Osuna (consultant), Chris Pinto (consultant), Tony Pinto (consultant), Rosalie Robertson (consultant), Ysabel Thing (consultant)
    • Language: Diegueño (dih)
    • Dates: 1963-1964
    • Scope and content: Linguistic field recordings: linguistic data; stories; ethnographic data; songs; additional ethnographic or ethnohistorical texts (some with Diegueño titles), conversation, reminiscences, untitled texts. Translation to or from English.; Digitization supported by NEH Preservation/Access Grant
    • Repository: Berkeley Language Center
    • Preferred citation: Ted Couro and Margaret Langdon. The Margaret Langdon collection of Diegueño sound recordings, LA 1, Survey of California and Other Indian Languages, University of California, Berkeley,

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