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      • Item number: 2018-17.017
      • Date: 27 Jul 2018
      • Relations to this item: 2018-17.026 references this Item
      • Contributors: Alma Real Bird (consultant), Edwin Ko (researcher)
      • Languages: Crow (cro), English (eng)
      • Availability: Online access
      • Catalog history: Alma_072718_011.wav is deleted per request of the consultant.
      • Place: Lodge Grass, Montana
      • Description: This file bundle contains a series of sound recordings with Alma Real Bird describing her experiences and memories of certain locations in Lodge Grass. The different sites visited include: 1) Lodge Grass School (Alma_072718_000.wav, Alma_072718_001.wav, Alma_072718_002.wav), 2) old general store (Alma_072718_003.wav), 3) old apartment building (Alma_072718_004.wav), 4) Baptist church (Alma_072718_005.wav), 5) old Catholic church (Alma_072718_006.wav), 6) new Catholic church (Alma_072718_007.wav), 7) old town hall (Alma_072718_008.wav), 8) old cafe 'Kozy Korner' (Alma_072718_009.wav), 9) new health and fitness building (Alma_072718_010.wav), 10) old theater (Alma_072718_012.wav, Alma_072718_013.wav), 11) Lodge Grass propane, old grocery store and Laundromat (Alma_072718_014.wav), 12) Little Horn IGA (Alma_072718_015.wav), 13) old cafe, turned garage, now abandoned (Alma_072718_016.wav), 14) old gas station (Alma_072718_017.wav), 15) old store 'Gambles' (Alma_072718_018.wav), 16) old train depot and hardware store (Alma_072718_019.wav), 17) old garage by old hardware store (Alma_072718_020.wav), 18) old clothing store 'Pings' (Alma_072718_021.wav), 19) old cafe 'Spot cafe' by Pings (Alma_072718_022.wav), 20) old bowling alley (Alma_072718_023.wav), 21) block across from Pings (Alma_072718_024.wav, Alma_072718_025.wav), 22) old store selling horse tacks (Alma_072718_026.wav), 23) old toy store (Alma_072718_027.wav), 24) First Crow Indian Baptist Church (Alma_072718_028.wav), 25) old motel (Alma_072718_029.wav), 26) repair shop (Alma_072718_030.wav), and 27) old cafe, gas station and motel (Alma_072718_031.wav). Photographic documentation of each site is placed in the "LodgeGrassPhotos" zip file.
      • Collection: Crow (Apsáalooke) Field Materials
      • Repository: Survey of California and Other Indian Languages
      • Preferred citation: Interview with Alma Real Bird, 2018-17.017, in "Crow (Apsáalooke) Field Materials", Survey of California and Other Indian Languages, University of California, Berkeley,