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      • Item number: 2016-06.009
      • Date: 30 Oct 1979 to 31 Oct 1979
      • Contributor: Brent Berlin (researcher, donor)
      • Language: Awajún (agr)
      • Availability: Online access
      • Catalog history: Formerly WAV files BB-4A, BB-4B, BB-5A
      • Place: Caterpiza, Rio Santiago, Condorcanqui, Amazonas, Peru
      • Description: [2016-06.009.001: flute playing, speech in Aguaruna in background, followed by drum; 2016-06.009.002: speaking more prominent, with flute, men and women singing, followed by rattle; 2016-06.009.003: flute and rattle, men and women singing, clapping, followed by apparent stringed instrument around 32:00 and conversation at end]
      • Collection: Awajún Sound Recordings
      • Repository: Survey of California and Other Indian Languages
      • Preferred citation: [Music], 2016-06.009, in "Awajún Sound Recordings", Survey of California and Other Indian Languages, University of California, Berkeley,