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      • Item number: Swanton.001
      • Date: Undated (original before 1882)
      • Contributors: John Reed Swanton (researcher), Harden Sylestine (consultant), Taylor Postoak (consultant), Chas. Coachman (consultant), Albert S. Gatschet (researcher)
      • Languages: Alabama (akz), Creek, Hitchiti
      • Availability: In person by appointment
      • Extent: 1 binder
      • Description: One binder of photocopies of material on Alabama, Creek, and Hitchiti. Photocopies of 902 notecards filled with Alabama vocabulary in alphabetic order. Creek text "The Corn Fable" in interlinear and free translation. Other miscellaneous Hitchiti, Alabama, and Creek vocabulary. Originals held by the Smithsonian Institution.
      • Repository: Survey of California and Other Indian Languages
      • Preferred citation: Chas. Coachman, Albert S. Gatschet, Taylor Postoak, John Reed Swanton, and Harden Sylestine. Alabama-English, Swanton.001, Survey of California and Other Indian Languages, University of California, Berkeley,