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    • Item number: Tyler.001
    • Date: June 26, 2000
    • Contributor: Guy Tyler (researcher)
    • Languages: Mojave (mov), Hualapai (yuf), Kiowa, Apache, Sioux, Western Keres (kjq), Navajo (nav), Cahuilla (chl)
    • Availability: In person by appointment
    • Extent: 1 folder
    • Description: Transcriptions of the English elicitation prompts in some of the Guy Tyler recordings. The Sioux transcriptions present both the English elicitation prompts and their Sioux equivalents.
    • Repository: Survey of California and Other Indian Languages
    • Preferred citation: Guy Tyler's Transcriptions of his Tape Collection of Native American Languages, Tyler.001, Survey of California and Other Indian Languages, University of California, Berkeley,