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    • Item number: 2014-21.002.020
    • Contributor: William H. Jacobsen (researcher)
    • Languages: Washo (was), Karuk (kyh), Yana (ynn), Chimariko (cid), Pomo, Shasta (sht), Esselen (esq), Yuma (yum), Salinan (sln), Diegueño (dih), Mojave (mov), Seri (sei), Chontal (chf), Jicaque (jic), Comecrudo, Tonkawa (tqw), Hokan
    • Availability: In person by appointment
    • Extent: 1 box of file slips, 11.5in. x 5.75in. x 4in.
    • Description: File slips comparing vocabulary items across different languages from the proposed Hokan family, as well as bibliographic references and notes. Comparative vocabulary is organized under the following headings: Washo-Karok, Washo-Yana, Karok-Yana, Washo-Chimariko, Washo-Shasta, Washo-Pomo, Washo-Esselen, Washo-Salinan, Washo- Diegueño, Washo-Yuma, Washo-Mohave, Washo-Seri, Washo-Chontal, Washo-Jicaque, Washo-Comecrudo, Washo-Tonkawa, Karok-Yuma, Yuma-Yana, and “misc. pairs”.
    • Collection: William H. Jacobsen Materials on Indigenous Languages of North America
    • Repository: Survey of California and Other Indian Languages
    • Preferred citation: William H. Jacobsen. [Hokan Comparative Vocabulary], 2014-21.002.020, Survey of California and Other Indian Languages, University of California, Berkeley,