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      • Item number: Frachtenberg.002
      • Date: 2010
      • Contributor: Leo Joachim Frachtenberg (researcher)
      • Languages: Shastan, Coosan (csz), Takelma (tkm), Klamath-Modoc (kla), Siuslaw-Lower Umpqua (sis), Alsea, Salishan, Kalapuyan (kyl), Oregon Athabaskan, Sahaptian, Numic, Wakashan, Chimakuan
      • Availability: In person by appointment
      • Extent: 1 folder (5 pp.)
      • Description: Photocopy of an essay on linguistic diversity in the Pacific Northwest and possible higher-order groupings of language families. Original undated.
      • Repository: Survey of California and Other Indian Languages
      • Preferred citation: Linguistic problems in Oregon and Washington, Frachtenberg.002, in "Miscellaneous papers from the Survey of California and Other Indian Languages", Survey of California and Other Indian Languages, University of California, Berkeley,