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      • Item number: Haas.059
      • Date: [undated]
      • Contributor: Mary R. Haas (researcher)
      • Languages: Chimariko (cid), Hupa, Karuk (kyh), Kutenai (kut), Sarsi (srs), Tolowa (tol), Yurok (yur), Shasta (sht)
      • Availability: In person by appointment
      • Extent: 1 folder
      • Description: Photocopies of 11 field notebooks on Tolowa (undated), Chimariko (dated 1950), Karuk (undated), Hupa (1 notebook undated, 1 dated 1950), Kutenai (undated), Sarsi (undated), Shasta (dated 1950), and Yurok (1 notebook undated, 1 dated 1950, 1 dated 1966).
      • Repository: Survey of California and Other Indian Languages
      • Preferred citation: Mary R. Haas. [Miscellaneous field notebooks], Haas.059, Survey of California and Other Indian Languages, University of California, Berkeley,