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Leanne Hinton Papers on Indigenous Languages of the Americas

Collection number: SCL Hinton
Primary contributors:  Leanne Hinton (researcher, donor)
Additional contributors:  Martha J. Macri (researcher), Gunnar Olafur Hansson (researcher), Jeanie Lerner (researcher), Rainbow Willard (researcher), Teresa McFarland (researcher), Dan Lieberman (researcher), My-Hanh Han (researcher), William F. Weigel (researcher), David J. Costa (researcher), Gerd Fischer (researcher), Suzanne Wertheim (researcher), Delphene Adson (consultant), Johnny George (researcher), Sara Oakes (researcher), Scott Lidell (researcher), Martin Perez (consultant), Ruth Almstedt (researcher), Susan Steele (researcher), Ernesto Diaz-Couder (researcher), Harvey Carlson (researcher), Joseph Jeff Murphy (researcher), Pongsak Rattanawong (researcher), Saul Mercado (researcher), Kathy Begay (consultant), R. McLaury (researcher), James Tobias (researcher), Rosemary Beam de Azcona (researcher), Kenneth W. Whistler (researcher), Melinda Chen (researcher), Rafael Pascual (consultant), Serena Chow (researcher), Nicholas Faraclas (researcher), Pamela Munro (researcher), Tom Larsen (researcher), Tim Molino (researcher), Marvin Kramer (researcher), Mark Seligman (researcher), Michael Meacham (researcher), Janice Gould (researcher), Eugene Buckley (researcher), Jenny Lederer (researcher), Sandra Chung (researcher), Claudia Brugman (researcher), Lawrence Morgan (researcher), John Bell (researcher), Dan Slobin (researcher), Celso Flores Romero (researcher), David Leedom Shaul (researcher), Norine Berenz (researcher), Robert Aronowitz (researcher), Sergio Méndez (researcher), Roy Albert (consultant), Gloria Yang (researcher), Marisella Amador (researcher), Sylvia Sotomayor (researcher), Ben Williams (consultant), Anne Whiteside (researcher), Natasha Beery (researcher), Margarida Salomao (researcher), Mo Oliver (researcher), Bob Namoki (consultant), Eurie Shin (researcher), Herb Luthin (researcher), Marina Shawver (researcher), Luciano Nicholas Cortez (consultant), Belle Matheson (researcher), Birch Moonwomon (researcher), Karen Beeman (researcher), Lily Liaw (researcher), Alejandro de Ávila (researcher), Emory Seqequapkwa (consultant), Gabriela Caballero (researcher), Pamela Huie (researcher), Monica Ann Macaulay (researcher), Ann Foster (researcher), Santos Nic (consultant), Ditri Daza (consultant), Madelaine Plauche (researcher), Tony Moy (researcher), Pawel Nowak (researcher), Richard Pettit (researcher), Annette Herskovitz (researcher), Jean Perry (researcher), Marina (consultant), Laura Runi (consultant), Ben Bergen (researcher), Ann Platz (researcher), Lisa Bennett (researcher), Don Crook (researcher), Robert Mee (researcher), Terrence Kaufman (researcher), Jane Schucker (researcher)
Dates: 1972-2004
Extent: 4.67 linear feet (11 boxes)
Historical information: Leanne Hinton is Professor Emerita in the Department of Linguistics at the University of California, Berkeley and a former Director of the Survey of California and Other Indian Languages. She received a Ph.D. from the University of California, San Diego in 1977. Her doctoral dissertation was a study of Havasupai songs. She has done research on various languages of the Southwest, Mexico, and California, and she has been a leading figure in the study of endangered languages and language revitalization.
Scope and content: The Papers consist primarily of Leanne Hinton's notes and related documents and recordings from linguistics field methods classes held at the University of California, Berkeley and the University of California, San Diego. This includes materials for Navajo, Quechua, Ashaninka Campa, Hopi, Q'anjob'al, K'ichean, Mixtec, Yowlumne Yokuts, Paraguayan Guaraní, and Yucatec Maya. Also included are materials related to the Yahi Translation Project.
Repository: Survey of California and Other Indian Languages
Preferred citation: Leanne Hinton Papers on Indigenous Languages of the Americas, SCL Hinton, Survey of California and Other Indian Languages, University of California, Berkeley,
Associated materials: Audio recordings associated with the Papers are in the Berkeley Language Center, Berkeley, California (LA 161, LA 177, LA 189).