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Murato Field Materials

Collection number: SCL 2016-11
Primary contributors:  Zachary O'Hagan (donor, researcher), Juan Cahuaza MucushĂșa (consultant)
Language: Murato
Dates: 2011
Historical information: Murato, also known as Candoshi/Kandozi or Shapra, is a language isolate with a few thousand speakers resident in the greater Morona and Pastaza river basins in the Loreto Region of northeast Peru. The materials that constitute this small collection were produced during an unrelated exploratory field trip, the goal of which was to locate possible rememberers of the now extinct Yameo language (Peba-Yaguan). The consultant, born in Andoas on the upper Pastaza near the Ecuadorian border, was visiting in the community at the time. All audio was recorded on an H4N Zoom digital recorder with an Audio-Technica 803B lavalier microphone.
Scope and content: Audio recordings of elicitation sessions targeting lexicon, grammar, and history; field notes
Repository: Survey of California and Other Indian Languages
Preferred citation: Murato Field Materials, SCL 2016-11, Survey of California and Other Indian Languages, University of California, Berkeley,