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Taushiro Field Materials

Collection number: SCL 2016-09
Primary contributors:  Zachary O'Hagan (researcher, donor), Amadeo García García (consultant)
Additional contributors:  Juanita Pérez Ríos (author), Nectalí Alicea Ortiz (author)
Language: Taushiro
Dates: 2015-
Historical information: Taushiro is a language isolate formerly spoken on the Huanganayacu and Aguaruna rivers, right-bank tributaries of the middle Tigre River in the Loreto Region of northeast Peru. The materials that constitute this collection were produced by Zachary O'Hagan and Amadeo García García, the last known fluent speaker of Taushiro, during a week of intensive exploratory fieldwork. In the early twentieth century, Taushiros probably numbered in the few hundreds, i.e., a small number of patrilineally defined (and named) kin groups. By the middle of the century, however, these extended family groups had been reduced to two, and by 1976, according to Nectalí Alicea Ortiz of the Summer Institute of Linguistics, there were 18 Taushiros across both groups. The preceding decades had seen unprecedented levels of death due to disease, as well as emigration due to forced labor, kidnapping, and out-marriage. The goal of the current, ongoing research project, is to expand on the initial work of Alicea Ortiz begun in the 1970s, with a focus on lexicon, grammar, and history. The recordings made constitute the only known recordings of the language still in existence (others were made on tape in the 1970s). Besides the sketches published by Alicea Ortiz and an undergraduate thesis on motion verbs in the language (included in this collection), there is no other documentation of Taushiro from any historical period. All audio was recorded in the home of José Álvarez Alonso on an H4N Zoom digital recorder with an Audio-Technica 803B lavalier microphone. Funding for this research came from O'Hagan's discretionary research funds administered by the Department of Linguistics at the University of California, Berkeley.
Scope and content: Audio recordings of elicitation sessions targeting lexicon, grammar, and history; texts; field notes; previously published materials
Repository: Survey of California and Other Indian Languages
Preferred citation: Taushiro Field Materials, SCL 2016-09, Survey of California and Other Indian Languages, University of California, Berkeley,