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The Bruce E. Nevin collection of Achumawi/Pit River sound recordings

Collection number: LA 49
Relations to this collection:  SCL 2015-03 relates to this Collection
Primary contributors:  Bruce E. Nevin (researcher), Lela Rhoades (consultant)
Additional contributors:  Edna Webster (consultant), Rile Webster (consultant), Craven Gibson (consultant), John Craig (consultant), Lela Rhoades (researcher)
Language: Achumawi
Dates: 1970-1974
Scope and content: Linguistic field recordings: linguistic data; stories; ethnographic data; songs; additional ethnographic or ethnohistorical texts, conversation in English, reminiscences. Some English glosses and translations provided.; Digitization supported by NEH Preservation/Access Grant
Repository: Berkeley Language Center
Preferred citation: The Bruce E. Nevin collection of Achumawi/Pit River sound recordings, LA 49, Berkeley Language Center, University of California, Berkeley,