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The John William DuBois collection of Sacapultec sound recordings

Collection number: LA 103
Primary contributors:  John William DuBois (researcher), Jacinto Mutas Lopez (consultant)
Additional contributors:  Isabela Gomez de Lancerio (consultant), Juana Lopez Mutas (consultant), Petronila Lancerio Lopez (consultant), Catarina Lancerio Lopez (consultant), Marina Gomez (consultant), Petronila Gomez (consultant), Barbara Lancerio Aceituno de Balthazar (consultant), Domingo Galindo (consultant), Marta Marcos Salvador (consultant), Manuela Gomez (consultant), Generosa Fernandez de Cabrera (consultant), Domingo Lancerio Carrillo (consultant), Marcela Galindo (consultant), Maria Nex (consultant), Tomas Aceituno (consultant), Francisca Marcos Salvador (consultant), Maria Uluan Espinoza (consultant), Magdalena Lancerio (consultant), Manuela Espinosa de Uluan (consultant), Magdalena Galindo (consultant), Manuel Lancerio Gomez (consultant), John William DuBois (consultant), Catarina Uluan de Galindo (consultant), Ana Gomez (consultant), Micaela Lopez Mutas (consultant), Sebastian Mutas Venturas (consultant), Santa Gomez (consultant), Sebastian Uluan Espinoza (consultant), Josefa Lancerio Balthazar (consultant), Petronila Pusul de Gomez (consultant), Maria Concebida Lopez Aceituno (consultant), Sebastiana Uluan de Lancerio (consultant), Petronila Gomez Alecio (consultant), Maria Lopez de Ramos (consultant), Luisa Balthazar de Lancerio (consultant), Juana Ramos de Lancerio (consultant), Francisco Ramirez (consultant), Isabela Espinosa Lopez (consultant)
Language: Sakapulteko
Dates: 1974-1977
Scope and content: Linguistic field recordings: linguistic data; stories; ethnographic data; songs; additional ethnographic or ethnohistorical texts, conversation, reminiscences. Some Spanish glosses provided.; Digitization supported by NEH Preservation/Access Grant
Repository: Berkeley Language Center
Preferred citation: The John William DuBois collection of Sacapultec sound recordings, LA 103, Berkeley Language Center, University of California, Berkeley,