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    • Collection number: 2020-16
    • Relations to this Collection: LA 177, LA 249, and Macaulay relate to this Collection
    • Primary contributors: Nicolás Cortés (consultant); Mariscela Amador-Hernández (researcher); Claudia Brugman (researcher); Nicholas Faraclas (researcher); Gerd Fischer (researcher); Leanne Hinton (author, researcher, donor); Monica Macaulay (researcher, donor); Martha J. Macri (researcher)
    • Additional contributor: Joseph Jeff Murphy (researcher)
    • Languages: Chalcatongo de Hidalgo Mixtec; San Esteban Atatlahuca Mixtec
    • Dates: 1981-1985
    • Historical information: This collection consists of materials produced by students of two consecutive graduate-level field methods course in the Department of Linguistics at UC Berkeley between January 1981 and June 1982 (winter and spring quarters 1981, and fall and winter quarters 1981-1982). The course was taught by Prof. Leanne Hinton, and the language consultant was Nicolás Cortés. All other listed contributors were students in one or both of the courses. Some papers done later by students originally in these two courses are also included. Joseph Murphy's paper, included here, was not a student in the 1981-1982 courses.
    • Scope and content: The collection is divided into the following series: 001, notes from class meetings; 002, student papers; 003, derivative notes and miscellaneous papers.
    • Repository: Survey of California and Other Indian Languages
    • Suggested citation: Nicolás Cortés, Mariscela Amador-Hernández, Claudia Brugman, Nicholas Faraclas, Gerd Fischer, Leanne Hinton, Monica Macaulay, and Martha J. Macri. Berkeley Field Methods: Chalcatongo de Hidalgo Mixtec, 2020-16, Survey of California and Other Indian Languages, University of California, Berkeley, http://dx.doi.org/doi:10.7297/X2XS5SWX.
    • Associated materials: Most of the items in this collection replace Hinton.005.001. The interest in this variety of Mixtec led Macaulay to do fieldwork in Oaxaca in summers 1982 and 1992, and for her and Hinton to do fieldwork together there in summer 1985, both in and around the town of Chalcatongo de Hidalgo. Sound recordings from Macaulay's individual fieldwork are in collection LA249; those from her and Hinton's joint fieldwork are in LA177 (linked under "Relations to this collection" above). Macaulay's papers, including her field notes that pick up where those in this collection leave off, are in collection "Macaulay."

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    • Item number: 2020-16.002.018
    • Date: 1985 to 1986
    • Contributors: Joseph Jeff Murphy (researcher); Leanne Hinton (donor)
    • Language: Chalcatongo de Hidalgo Mixtec
    • Availability: Online access to Item number 2020-16.002.018 by request.
    • Extent: 1 folder
    • Description: Undergraduate research project end of semester paper, photocopy of typed original.
    • Collection: Berkeley Field Methods: Chalcatongo de Hidalgo Mixtec
    • Repository: Survey of California and Other Indian Languages
    • Suggested citation: Study of Dialect Change Using Computers, 2020-16.002.018, in "Berkeley Field Methods: Chalcatongo de Hidalgo Mixtec", Survey of California and Other Indian Languages, University of California, Berkeley, http://dx.doi.org/doi:10.7297/X23B5XNH.

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