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    • Collection number: Grekoff
    • Finding aid: Grekoff_finding_aid.pdf
    • Primary contributor: George Grekoff (researcher, donor)
    • Additional contributors: Hyacinth David (consultant); Winifred David (consultant); Polly Dyer (consultant); Friday (consultant); Louise George (consultant); Helen Hunt (consultant); Odelia Hunter (consultant); Effie Kelsey (consultant); John Kelsey (consultant); Sally Noble (consultant); Ronald Beaumont (author); Roland Burrage Dixon (researcher); Abraham M. Halpern (author); Julius Moshinsky (author); David Olmsted (author); Alice Shepherd (researcher); Grace McKibbin (singer)
    • Languages: Biloxi (bll); Chimariko (cid); DiegueƱo (dih); Hindi (hin); Hokan; Hupa; Karuk (kyh); Kiowa (kio); Kwak'wala (kwk); Nuu-chah-nulth (noo); Piro (pie); Pomoan; Salinan (sln); Sechelt (sec); Shasta (sht); Skagit; Southeastern Pomo (pom); Southern Paiute; Southern Pomo (peq); Taos; Tewa (tew); Tewa; Tunica (tun); Wintu (wnw); Yana (ynn); Yuman
    • Dates: 1960s-1999
    • Extent: 34.21 linear feet (69 boxes and 1 envelope)
    • Historical information: George Grekoff (1923-1999) was a graduate student in linguistics at the University of California, Berkeley. Although he never completed a dissertation, he held a teaching position in linguistics and Russian at the University of Washington before pursuing a career outside the field of linguistics. However, he remained an avid scholar of Chimariko, and spent much of his spare time organizing the existing documentation of Chimariko.
    • Scope and content: The Papers document Grekoff's research on Chimariko and other indigenous languages of North America from the late 1950s until his death in 1999. There were no remaining speakers of Chimariko during Grekoff's lifetime, so the bulk of the collection consists of various notes and organizations of data collected by other linguists, especially John Peabody Harrington. This includes several boxes of vocabulary slips, preparatory notes for a grammar of Chimariko, and notes and unpublished articles on various other aspects of Chimariko language and culture. The collection also contains a small quantity of material on other indigenous languages of North America, including Grekoff's original field notes on Southeastern Pomo from 1957 and field notes on Nuu-chah-nulth, Skagit, and Kwak'wala from Grekoff's time at the University of Washington from 1962-1967, portions of which were collected as part of field methods courses taught by Grekoff. Grekoff's consultants were John and Effie Kelsey (SE Pomo), Odelia Hunter, Hyacinth David, and Winifred David (Nuu-chah-nulth), and Louise George (Kwak'wala).
    • Repository: Survey of California and Other Indian Languages
    • Suggested citation: George Grekoff. George Grekoff Papers on the Chimariko Language, Grekoff, Survey of California and Other Indian Languages, University of California, Berkeley,

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