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    • Collection number: BloomfieldL
    • Finding aid: BloomfieldL_finding_aid.pdf
    • Primary contributors: Gregor McGregor (consultant); Andrew Medler (consultant); Angeline Williams (consultant); Leonard Bloomfield (researcher)
    • Additional contributors: Thomas St. Germaine (consultant); Julia Nee (researcher); John Nichols (researcher); Morris Swadesh (researcher); Charles Voegelin (researcher); Alexander Wolcott (author)
    • Languages: Menominee (mez); Ojibwa; Ottawa (otw)
    • Dates: 1938-1941
    • Extent: 4 boxes of file slips, and digital scans of 15 notebooks, assorted correspondence, and other materials
    • Historical information: Most of the materials in this Collection were created during the Linguistic Institutes of the Linguistic Society of America in 1938, 1940, and 1941. The 1938 Institute was hosted at the University of Michigan, with Andrew Medler of Walpole Island, Ontario serving as the linguistic consultant for the field methods course. The 1940 Institute was again hosted at the University of Michigan, with Gregor McGregor of Birch Island, Ontario serving as the linguistic consultant. The 1941 Institute was hosted at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, with Angeline Williams of Manistique, Michigan serving as the linguistic consultant. It merits mentioning that Bloomfield himself described these materials as being on Eastern Ojibwa, but that the current consensus is that the materials actually document Ottawa. This confusion stems from the fact that Andrew Medler, the consultant with whom Bloomfield worked in 1938, was from a Chippewa family, though the variety that he spoke was Ottawa.
    • Scope and content: This Collection contains file slips and digital scans of field notebooks, correspondence, and other items from the linguist Leonard Bloomfield (1887-1946) related to his work on Ottawa. The notebooks contain word lists, grammatical elicitation notes, and transciptions of dictated texts and correspondence. Some texts correspond to recordings and texts published elsewhere. The file slips index texts collected by William Jones. Two of the notebooks contain alphabetized lexical entries and grammatical information; one of these notebooks appears to be derived from the file slips. The correspondence contained in the Collected is comprised of letters and notes mailed to Leonard Bloomfield by Gregor McGregor and Charles Voegelin.
    • Repository: Survey of California and Other Indian Languages
    • Suggested citation: Gregor McGregor, Andrew Medler, Angeline Williams, and Leonard Bloomfield. Leonard Bloomfield Papers on Ottawa, BloomfieldL, Survey of California and Other Indian Languages, University of California, Berkeley,
    • Associated materials: The original notebooks, correspondence, and other materials are archived at the Smithsonian. Work derived from these materials can be found in published form in Eastern Ojibwa: Grammatical Sketch, Texts, and Word List, as well as The Dog's Children. Additional materials created by Leonard Bloomfield on Ottawa and other languages can be found at the National Anthropological Archives, the University of Chicago, and Yale University.

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