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      • Item number: 2019-02.005
      • Date: 31 Jul 1985
      • Contributors: Sarge Kvasnikoff (consultant), Conor Daly (researcher, donor)
      • Languages: Alutiiq, English (eng), Ninilchik Russian (rus), Russian (rus)
      • Availability: Restricted. (Access to Item number 2019-02.005 requires depositor permission. Email to inquire.)
      • Catalog history: Audio file previously named JN-10A (001) & JN-10B (002)
      • Place: Nanwalek, AK
      • Description: Two WAV files.
        001: Elicitation in Ninilchik Russian and Alutiiq on types of fish, food items, card suits, natural water sources, verbs and their conjugations, possessive adjectives. Also contains a conversation about which other members of the community consultant knows and if they speak Ninilchik Russian and their levels of fluency.
        002: Conversation about fishing, music, and travel.
      • Collection: Ninilchik Russian Sound Recordings
      • Repository: Survey of California and Other Indian Languages
      • Suggested citation: [Lexical elicitation, conversations about acquaintances, fishing, music, and travel], 2019-02.005, in "Ninilchik Russian Sound Recordings", Survey of California and Other Indian Languages, University of California, Berkeley,

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