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      • Item number: 2018-30.025
      • Date: 1971 to 1972
      • Contributors: John Lee (consultant), Bini (Ben) Miller (consultant), Catherine Miller (consultant), Ruby Siganoff (consultant), Joe Sztogka (consultant)
      • Languages: Hungarian Romani, Romani, Russian Romani
      • Availability: Online access
      • Extent: 1 reel
      • Places: Ponoma, CA, Los Angeles
      • Description: This file bundle contains four audio files. Side 1A (2018-30.025A-1.wav) contains lexical elicitation body terms and horse terms, sentence elicitation relating to horses (e.g. "he trades horses", "he trades horses for a living", "it is hard to make a living"). Side 2A (2018-30.025A-2.wav) contains lexical elicitation on coal terms (e.g. "coal", "blacksmith", "fire", "embers", "horseshoe nail"), additional horse terms (e.g. "blinders", "tether", etc.), and more (e.g. "overcome", "pasture"). Side 1B (2018-30.025B-1.wav) includes lexical elicitation of food terms (e.g. "peas"), household terms (e.g. "door", "sink", "faucet") and more. The recording also contains sentence elicitation (e.g. "I come from home", "I could not go", "he could not go", "I would not help him"). Side 2B (2018-30.025B-2.wav) contains lexical such as divination terms (e.g. "hypnotist", "a medium", "fortune telling ball", "to talk to the dead") and sentence elicitation (e.g. "he is hypnotized") with some verbal paradigms with the verb "talk" in past and future tense. Sides 1A and 1B are Hungarian Romani, and Sides 2A and 2B are Russian Romani.
      • Collection: Romani Sound Recordings
      • Repository: Survey of California and Other Indian Languages
      • Preferred citation: [Linguistic elicitation], 2018-30.025, in "Romani Sound Recordings", Survey of California and Other Indian Languages, University of California, Berkeley,