Donate to the Survey

To donate with a credit card, please go to the Linguistics Online Giving Form. In Section 4, select "I am giving in honor of someone," and write "Survey." Please mail checks to:

Survey of California and Other Indian Languages
Department of Linguistics
University of California, Berkeley
1203 Dwinelle Hall
Berkeley, CA 94720-2650

The United Nations has declared 2019 to be the International Year of Indigenous Languages, and has announced a new upcoming International Decade of Indigenous Languages for 2022-2032, in order to bring attention to the state of Indigenous languages around the world. The Survey, as both a research center and archive, supports the documentation, analysis, reclamation, and revitalization of these languages, many of which are endangered. Given that there are often exceedingly few early records of these languages, and that they can be in fragile condition or stored on obsolete media, language archives can be responsible for preserving the only physical documentation of some speech communities, and as such are critical to historical and cultural continuity.

We gratefully welcome donations in any amount to support our core missions, especially preservation, access, and outreach, for which we depend on outside gifts and grants. Your contribution will help sustain the following activities, among many others.

Donation-supported activities

  • digitizing at-risk analog materials such as sound recordings of Indigenous languages, and paper field notes
  • cataloging new collections, including born-digital materials, and making them publicly accessible through our online catalog, the California Language Archive
  • supporting the biennial Breath of Life Archival Institute
  • providing research and material assistance to scholars and to community members who visit our archive