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  1. Aikana modules (a class report based on the fieldnotes of Harvey Carlson) (1993 March)
    Item number:  Carlson.001.006  
    Contributor:  Leanne Hinton (researcher)
    Language:  Aikana
  2. [Preparatory materials for Aikana grammatical sketches] (1992)
    Item number:  Carlson.001.008  
    Contributors:  William F. Weigel (researcher), David A. Peterson (researcher), Pam Morgan (researcher), Anita Liang (researcher), Laura Buszard-Welcher (researcher), Marvin Kramer (researcher), Leanne Hinton (researcher)
    Language:  Aikana
  3. [Nahuatl class notes] ([undated])
    Item number:  Hinton.001  
    Contributors:  Pamela Munro (researcher), Ruth Almstedt (researcher), Susan Steele (researcher), Don Crook (researcher), Sandra Chung (researcher), Leanne Hinton (researcher)
    Language:  Classical Nahuatl
  4. [Guaraní elicitation notes] (1972 January-May)
    Item number:  Hinton.002  
    Contributors:  Marina (consultant), Leanne Hinton (researcher)
    Language:  Paraguayan Guaraní
  5. [Navajo fieldwork recording] (1974)
    Item number:  Hinton.t002.001  
    Contributors:  Ben Williams (consultant), Leanne Hinton (researcher)
    Language:  Navajo
  6. [Navajo fieldwork recording] (1974)
    Item number:  Hinton.t002.002  
    Contributors:  Ben Williams (consultant), Leanne Hinton (researcher)
    Language:  Navajo
  7. [Navajo fieldwork recording] (1974)
    Item number:  Hinton.t002.003  
    Contributors:  Delphene Adson (consultant), Leanne Hinton (researcher)
    Language:  Navajo
  8. [Hopi fieldwork recording] (1989)
    Item number:  Hinton.t003  
    Contributors:  Emory Seqequapkwa (consultant), Leanne Hinton (researcher)
    Language:  Hopi
  9. [Miscellaneous materials on Pomoan languages] (1970-1981)
    Item number:  Vihman.033  
    Contributors:  Michelle Caisse (researcher), Robert L. Oswalt (researcher), Eero Vihman (researcher), Kenneth W. Whistler (researcher), Angelina Campbell (consultant), Victor Golla (researcher), Mary Catherine O'Connor (researcher), Annie Lake (consultant), Leanne Hinton (researcher)
    Languages:  Northern Pomo, Kashaya
  10. Kashaya hitting words (1990 Summer)
    Item number:  Oswalt.003.023  
    Contributors:  Robert L. Oswalt (annotator), Oswalt family (donor), Leanne Hinton (author)
    Language:  Kashaya