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  1. [Numic, Salinan, and Tubatulabal field notebooks] ([1963])
    Item number:  Lamb.m005  
    Contributors:  Jim Wright (consultant), Tom Stone (consultant), Frita Riddell (consultant), May Meredith (consultant), Minnie Mike (consultant), Ira Miller (consultant), Gladys Mankins (consultant), Emma Duckey (consultant), Sydney M. Lamb (researcher), Sarah Brahsom (consultant), Pike Piper (consultant), Dorothy (consultant), Maggie Spencer (consultant), Tony Pablo (consultant), Minnie Williams (consultant), Rob Harry (consultant), Rosie Piper (consultant), Stefana de Salazar (consultant), Elizabeth Bethel (consultant), Mrs. Harry Miller (consultant), Mimie Chirtovich (consultant), Harry Miller (consultant), Daisy Coleman (consultant), Harry Austin (consultant)
  2. [Salinan and Numic field notes] (1954 December - 1955 October)
    Item number:  Lamb.003.022  
    Contributors:  Gladys Mankins (consultant), Sydney M. Lamb (researcher), Lucy Kinsman (consultant), Joe Kinsman (consultant), Dorothy (consultant), Elizabeth Bethel (consultant), Daisy Coleman (consultant), Clayton (consultant)
    Languages:  Salinan, Northern Paiute