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  1. Tutu tunne or Tutu and Joshua vocabulary, as spoken in several Athapascan villages, with grammatical and miscellaneous notes (2009)
    Item number:  Dorsey.003.003  
    Contributors:  Henry Clay (consultant), Shem Lafayette (consultant), Alex Catfish (consultant), William Strong (consultant), Depot Charley (consultant), Charles Shellhead (consultant), Jake Rooney (consultant), James Owen Dorsey (researcher), Dan Jordan (consultant), Larkey Logan (consultant), Eneati (consultant), Norman Strong (consultant), Joseph Gray (consultant), Alex Ross (consultant)
    Language:  Tututni
  2. Kwatami vocabulary and grammatical notes, spoken by the Athapascans formerly living on Sixes Creek, Oregon (2009)
    Item number:  Dorsey.003.010  
    Contributors:  Jake Rooney (consultant), James Owen Dorsey (researcher)
    Language:  Sixes