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  1. Papers from the Seminar in American Indian Linguistics (1965)
    Item number:  Teeter.003.002  
    Contributors:  Ives Goddard (author), Robin T. Lakoff (author), Karl V. Teeter (compiler), Michael Silverstein (author)
  2. [Malecite notes and text transcriptions] (1982)
    Item number:  Teeter.011  
    Contributors:  Anna Harnois (consultant), Phillip Eichorn (author), Ives Goddard (author), Philip Lesourd (consultant), Peter Paul (consultant), Karl V. Teeter (researcher)
  3. [References on Yuki and miscellaneous correspondence] (1974-1990)
    Item number:  Shepherd.001.003  
    Contributors:  Mary R. Haas (author), Ives Goddard (author), Jesse O. Sawyer (author), Alice Shepherd (researcher)
    Language:  Yuki
  4. Native Languages and Language Families of North America (1999)
    Item number:  Maps.001.003  
    Contributor:  Ives Goddard (researcher)
    Languages: [unknown]