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  1. California in Cook Inlet (1979-1980)
    Item number:  Oswalt.003.120  
    Contributors:  Robert L. Oswalt (annotator), Oswalt family (donor), James M. Kari (author)
    Languages:  Kashaya, Tanaina
  2. [Photographs of Oswalt's consultants] ([1981 October])
    Contributors:  Martha Anderson (participant), Robert L. Oswalt (participant), Arthur Anderson (participant), Sidney Parrish (participant), James M. Kari (participant), Oswalt family (donor), Peter Kalifornsky (participant), Essie Parrish (participant)
    Languages: [unknown]
  3. Distribution of Athabascan Eyak and Tlingit Languages (2002 May)
    Item number:  Maps.003.001  
    Contributor:  James M. Kari (compiler)
    Languages:  Tlingit, Eyak-Athabaskan