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  1. [Field notes on languages of northwestern California] (1950-1952)
    Item number:  BrightW.003.001  (97 images)
    Contributors:  Haynes Bateman (speaker), William Bright (researcher), Sam Brown (consultant), Emily Gordon (speaker), Clara Wix (speaker), Ned Jackson (speaker)
    Languages:  Hupa, Karuk, Shasta, Yurok, Chimariko
  2. [Karok and Shasta field notes] (1950-1952)
    Item number:  BrightW.003.002  (61 images)
    Contributors:  William Bright (researcher), Frank Muree (consultant), Fanny Brown (consultant)
    Languages:  Karuk, Shasta
  3. [Shasta field notes] (1950-1952)
    Item number:  BrightW.003.003  (108 images)
    Contributors:  William Bright (researcher), Sargent Sambo (speaker)
    Languages:  Karuk, Shasta
  4. [Shasta, Karuk, and Chumash field notes] (1950-1952)
    Item number:  BrightW.003.004  (75 images)
    Contributors:  William Bright (researcher), Julia Starritt (speaker), Fred Wix (speaker), Mrs. Levas (speaker)
  5. Introduction to the Karuk language. Lesson 1: Pronunciation and writing. (1976-1977)
    Item number:  BrightW.004 
    Contributor:  William Bright (researcher)
    Language:  Karuk
  6. A Karok myth in 'measured verse': The translation of a performance (1979 October)
    Item number:  BrightW.005 
    Contributor:  William Bright (researcher)
    Language:  Karuk
  7. [Karuk and Yurok audio recordings] (undated)
    Item number:  BrightW.t001 
    Contributor:  William Bright (researcher)
    Languages:  Karuk, Yurok
  8. [Notes on J. P. Harrington data from various languages] (1955)
    Item number:  Harrington.008 
    Contributors:  William Bright (researcher), John Peabody Harrington (researcher)
    Languages: [unknown]
  9. [Shasta vocabulary] ([undated])
    Item number:  BrightW.006 
    Contributors:  William Bright (researcher), Lise Menn (donor)
    Language:  Shasta
  10. [Patwin vocabulary] (1952)
    Item number:  BrightE.001  (14 images)
    Contributors:  William Bright (researcher), Nora Lowell (consultant), Elizabeth Bright (researcher)
    Language:  Hill Patwin