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  1. [Western Shoshone vocabulary] (1964 March)
    Item number:  Good.001 (3 digital files) 
    Contributors:  Ned Belles (consultant), D.A. Good (researcher)
    Language:  Koso Shoshone
  2. [Mono field notes] ([1953-1955])
    Item number:  Lamb.003.010  
    Contributors:  Hazel Johnson (consultant), Ned Belles (consultant), Lester Jones (consultant), Florence Duckey (consultant), Sydney M. Lamb (researcher), Cayuse Mike (consultant), Lucy Kinsman (consultant), Jim Nevers (consultant), George Cashbaugh (consultant), Gilbert Bethel (consultant), Minnie Williams (consultant), Helen Belles (consultant), Robert Hicks (consultant)
  3. Account of the attack on Pearl Harbor
    Contributors:  Ned Belles (consultant), Ray Rackley (researcher)
    Language:  Panamint