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  1. Subject and word order in Wappo (1975-1976)
    Item number:  Li.001  
    Contributors:  Charles Li (researcher), Jesse O. Sawyer (researcher), Sandra Thompson (researcher)
    Language:  Wappo
  2. Costanoan survey (undated)
    Contributors:  Mrs. Santa Tovar (consultant), Charles Li (researcher), Chino Naredo (consultant), Fred Marcos (consultant), Sandra Thompson (researcher), Lupi Tapia (consultant)
    Language:  Ohlone
  3. Relativization strategies in Wappo (1978 February)
    Item number:  Oswalt.003.055  
    Contributors:  Robert L. Oswalt (annotator), Charles Li (author), Oswalt family (donor), Sandra Thompson (author)
    Language:  Wappo
  4. [Miscellaneous notes and papers on Wappo and Yuki] (1970 April 23 - 1978 June 29)
    Item number:  Sawyer.108  
    Contributors:  Charles Li (author), William Elmendorf (author), Jesse O. Sawyer (researcher, author), Sandra Thompson (author), Alice Shepherd (donor)
    Languages:  Wappo, Yuki