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  1. [Southern Pomo vocabulary] (undated)
    Item number:  Silver.001  
    Contributor:  Shirley Silver (researcher)
    Language:  Southern Pomo
  2. [Shasta vocabulary] (undated)
    Item number:  Silver.002 (3 digital files) 
    Contributors:  Shirley Silver (researcher), Sargent Sambo (consultant)
    Language:  Shasta
  3. [Pre-publication copy of "Some Northern Hokan plant-tree-bush forms"] (before 1970)
    Item number:  Silver.003  
    Contributor:  Shirley Silver (researcher)
    Languages: [unknown]
  4. [Notes on Yuki grammar] (1967)
    Item number:  Silver.004  
    Contributors:  Shirley Silver (researcher), Roy Siniard (researcher), Minnie Fulwider (consultant)
    Language:  Yuki
  5. [Shasta field notes] (1964 March 5)
    Item number:  Silver.m001  
    Contributors:  Shirley Silver (researcher), Lily Montgomery (consultant), Sargent Sambo (consultant)
    Languages:  Shasta, Yana
  6. [Kashaya alphabet slides] (approximately 1980)
    Item number:  Silver.s001  
    Contributor:  Shirley Silver (researcher)
    Language:  Kashaya
  7. [Silver Southern Pomo texts and glossary] ([undated])
    Item number:  Oswalt.003.009  
    Contributors:  Shirley Silver (author), Abraham M. Halpern (researcher), Oswalt family (donor)
    Language:  Southern Pomo
  8. [Working paper of the Kashaya Pomo Project] (1974)
    Item number:  Oswalt.003.022  
    Contributors:  Otis Parrish (author), Shirley Silver (author), Robert L. Oswalt (annotator), June Nieze (author), Oswalt family (donor), Jennie Goodrich (author)
    Language:  Kashaya
  9. Shasta texts (January 15, 1959)
    Item number:  Haas.068.022  
    Contributors:  Shirley Silver (author), Mary R. Haas (researcher)
    Language:  Shasta
  10. [Notes, drafts, and correspondence related to "Wappo Studies," Survey Report 7] (1991 April 12)
    Item number:  Sawyer.107  
    Contributors:  Shirley Silver (editor), William Elmendorf (researcher, editor), Jesse O. Sawyer (researcher, author), Alice Shepherd (donor)
    Language:  Wappo