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  1. FLEx back-up (2009 to 2016)
    Item number:  2014-01.013 (1 digital file) 
    Relations to this item:  2014-01.001 referenced by this Item; 2014-01.002 referenced by this Item; 2014-01.006 referenced by this Item; 2014-01.008 referenced by this Item
    Contributors:  Demie Cheng (researcher), Lev Michael (researcher, donor), Vivian Wauters (researcher, donor), Lino Huanío Cabudivo (consultant), Zachary O'Hagan (researcher, donor, predepositor), Amelia Huanaquiri Tuisima (consultant), Arnaldo Huanaquiri Tuisima (consultant), Lazarina Cabudivo Tuisima (consultant), Clare S. Sandy (researcher, donor), Manuel Cabudivo Tuisima (consultant), Teresa McFarland (researcher), Tammy Stark (researcher, donor), Marc Januta (researcher), Alicia Huanío Cabudivo (consultant)
    Language:  Omagua