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  1. Recordings year 3 (25 Jan 2013 to 30 Jan 2013)
    Contributors:  Robertina Tamayo Tapullima (research_participant, speaker), Stephanie Farmer (researcher, recorder), Greg Finley (researcher, recorder)
    Language:  Máíhĩ̵̀kì
  2. Recordings year 2 (08 Jul 2011)
    Contributors:  Robertina Tamayo Tapullima (speaker, research_participant), Christine Beier (researcher, recorder), Marcos Tamayo Tapullima (speaker, research_participant), John Sylak (recorder, researcher)
    Language:  Máíhĩ̵̀kì
  3. TextGrids year 3 (Jun 2012 to Feb 2013)
    Contributors:  Alberto Mosoline Mogica (speaker), Robertina Tamayo Tapullima (speaker), Liberato Mosoline Mogica (speaker), Christine Beier (transcriber), Stephanie Farmer (transcriber), Greg Finley (transcriber), Amalia Horan Skilton (transcriber), Elena Mogica Ríos (speaker), Grace Neveu (transcriber), Jesusa Mosoline Mogica (speaker)
    Language:  Máíhĩ̵̀kì