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  1. Recordings year 3 (24 Jan 2013 to 08 Feb 2014)
    Contributors:  Stephanie Farmer (researcher, recorder), Greg Finley (researcher, recorder), Neyda Mosoline Mogica (research_participant, speaker)
    Language:  Máíhĩ̵̀kì
  2. Recordings year 5 (04 Aug 2014 to 18 Aug 2014)
    Contributors:  Christine Beier (recorder, researcher), Neyda Mosoline Mogica (research_participant, speaker), Marcelina Mogica Pacaya (speaker, research_participant)
    Language:  Máíhĩ̵̀kì
  3. Recordings year 2 (15 Jul 2011 to 07 Aug 2011)
    Contributors:  Christine Beier (researcher, recorder), Stephanie Farmer (recorder, researcher), Neyda Mosoline Mogica (speaker, research_participant)
    Language:  Máíhĩ̵̀kì
  4. Aerodynamics data year 3 (Jun 2012 to Aug 2012)
    Item number:  2013-02.029 (2 digital files) 
    Contributors:  Alberto Mosoline Mogica (research_participant), Lev Michael (researcher), Liberato Mosoline Mogica (research_participant), Teodora Tamayo Tapullima (research_participant), Lizardo Gonzáles Flores (research_participant), Stephanie Farmer (collector, researcher, recorder), Luciano Tapullima Navarro (research_participant), Neyda Mosoline Mogica (research_participant), Jesusa Mosoline Mogica (research_participant), Sebastián Ríos Ochoa (research_participant)
    Language:  Máíhĩ̵̀kì
  5. Recordings year 4 (08 Jul 2013)
    Contributors:  Neyda Mosoline Mogica (speaker, research_participant), Amalia Horan Skilton (responder, researcher, recorder)
    Language:  Máíhĩ̵̀kì