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  1. Máíhɨki Field Notebook (2011 June 22 - 2011 August 12)
    Item number:  Sylak-Glassman.001  
    Contributors:  Alberto Mosoline Mogica (consultant), Liberato Mosoline Mogica (consultant), Rusber Tangoa Ríos (consultant), John Sylak-Glassman (researcher)
    Language:  Orejón
  2. Linguistic workshop recordings year 2 (22 Jul 2011 to 29 Jul 2011)
    Contributors:  Segundo Ríos Tapullima (participant), Alberto Mosoline Mogica (participant), Lev Michael (speaker), Lindaura Pinedo Ríos (participant), Teodora Tamayo Tapullima (participant), Liberato Mosoline Mogica (participant), Christine Beier (recorder), Stephanie Farmer (participant), Lizardo Gonzáles Flores (participant), Everest Ríos Vaca (participant), Rusber Tangoa Ríos (participant), Sebastián Ríos Ochoa (participant), Grapulio Mogica Ríos (participant)
    Language:  Máíhĩ̵̀kì
  3. Recordings year 2 (28 Jun 2011 to 05 Jul 2011)
    Contributors:  Christine Beier (recorder, researcher), Rusber Tangoa Ríos (speaker, research_participant, interpreter), Julián Ríos Mogica (speaker, research_participant)
    Language:  Máíhĩ̵̀kì