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  1. [Western Numic field notes] (1953 June 30-September 2)
    Item number:  Lamb.003.002  
    Relations to this item:  Lamb.m001 derives from this Item
    Contributors:  Kitt Joe (consultant), Susan Johnson (consultant), Sydney M. Lamb (researcher), Mark Jones (consultant), Lucy Kinsman (consultant), Hausen Lavell (consultant), George Decroy (consultant), Winnie Jones (consultant), Molly Pimono (consultant), Nellie Enom (consultant), Manda Marvin (consultant), Maggie (consultant)
  2. [Northern Paiute and Mono field notes] ([1953-1954])
    Item number:  Lamb.003.011  
    Relations to this item:  Lamb.m002 derives from this Item
    Contributors:  Sydney M. Lamb (researcher), Lucy Kinsman (consultant), George Decroy (consultant), Nellie Enom (consultant), Maggie (consultant), Minnie McGown (consultant)