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  1. Miscellaneous vocabularies of 32 different tribes (undated)
    Item number:  Bartlett.001  
    Contributors:  A-he-ba-tu (consultant), Lt. Heintzelmann (researcher), Lt. Whipple (researcher), Santiago Ortiz (consultant), Fr. Encinas (researcher), Marcos Alejo (consultant), Colusio Esteban (consultant), H.B. Brown (researcher), Bruce Husband (researcher), Martin Durald (researcher), Hieronymo Peraza (consultant), Pedro Cawewas (consultant), John R. Bartlett (researcher)
  2. [Wintu vocabulary and texts] (1960 May)
    Item number:  Loew.m001  
    Contributors:  Jeremiah Curtin (researcher), John Wesley Powell (researcher), Leo Joachim Frachtenberg (researcher), John R. Bartlett (researcher), Oscar Loew (researcher)
    Language:  Wintu