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    • Item number: LA103.012
    • Date: 09 Mar 1977
    • Contributors: John William DuBois (consultant), Sebastian Uluan Espinoza (consultant)
    • Language: Sakapulteko (quv)
    • Availability: Online access
    • Catalog history: Digital asset LA103.012.001.wav was formerly segment number 012_1.
    • Place: Sacapulas, Quiche, Guatemala
    • Description:  Spanish glosses.
    • Collection: The John William DuBois collection of Sacapultec sound recordings
    • Repository: Survey of California and Other Indian Languages
    • Preferred citation: John William DuBois and Sebastian Uluan Espinoza. Elicitation of miscellaneous words and phrases. Includes many nouns and possessive nouns, as well as sentences., LA 103.012, Berkeley Language Center, University of California, Berkeley,