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    • Item number: LA103.002
    • Date: 07 Sep 1974
    • Contributors: Domingo Lancerio Carrillo (consultant), John William DuBois (researcher)
    • Language: Sakapulteko (quv)
    • Availability: Online access
    • Catalog history: Digital asset LA103.002.001.wav was formerly segment number 002_1.
    • Place: Sacapulas, Quiche, Guatemala
    • Description:  Spanish glosses.
    • Collection: The John William DuBois collection of Sacapultec sound recordings
    • Repository: Survey of California and Other Indian Languages
    • Preferred citation: Domingo Lancerio Carrillo and John William DuBois. Elicitation of miscellaneous words and phrases. Includes some body part terms and possessives., LA 103.002, Berkeley Language Center, University of California, Berkeley,