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  1. [Voegelin and Hale] (1970)
    Item number:  2014-21.002.060  
    Contributors:  William H. Jacobsen (researcher), Ronald Langacker (researcher)
  2. Uintah Ute Peyote Song (1938 November)
    Item number:  24-2941  
    Contributor:  Omer C. Stewart (researcher)
    Language:  Ute
  3. Clark Tanner's (Ute) peyote song (1938 November)
    Item number:  24-2955  
    Contributors:  Harry Tom (consultant), Omer C. Stewart (researcher)
    Language:  Ute
  4. Personal Sun Dance Song from the Utes (between 1938 September and 1938 December)
    Item number:  24-2964  
    Contributors:  Dimitri B. Shimkin (researcher), Logan Brown (consultant)
    Language:  Ute
  5. Songs: Northern Paiute, Washo, Uintah Ute (1955)
    Item number:  24-300  
    Contributors: [unknown]
  6. Songs: Washo, Northern Paiute (1955)
    Item number:  24-301  
    Contributors: [unknown]
    Languages:  Miwok, Northern Paiute, Ute, Washo
  7. Songs: Shoshone (1955)
    Item number:  24-302  
    Contributors: [unknown]
    Languages:  Arapaho, Shoshone, Ute
  8. Chemehuevi Salt Song (1964 August)
    Item number:  24-310.12  
    Contributors:  Dan Hanna (consultant), Leanne Hinton (researcher)
    Language:  Chemehuevi
  9. [Notes on laryngealization] (1998-1999)
    Item number:  Grekoff.011.012  
    Contributor:  George Grekoff (researcher)
  10. Words and phrases: terms for people, question words, feelings, commands, possession, animals, weather, adjectives, etc. (01 May 1972)
    Contributors:  Guy Tyler (researcher), Bessie Waco (consultant)
    Language:  Chemehuevi