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  1. [Algonquian vocabularies] ([undated])
    Item number:  Teeter.009  
    Contributors:  Edward Sapir (consultant), T. Michelson (annotator), Karl V. Teeter (researcher)
  2. [Eastern Algonquian materials from M. Haas] (January 1979)
    Item number:  Teeter.010  
    Contributors:  Mary R. Haas (author), Karl V. Teeter (researcher)
  3. Penobscot legends (1997)
    Item number:  Siebert.001  
    Contributor:  Frank T. Siebert Jr. (author)
    Language:  Abenaki
  4. Penobscot legends (1997)
    Item number:  Siebert.002  
    Contributor:  Frank T. Siebert Jr. (author)
    Language:  Abenaki
  5. Book of illustrated words (1992)
    Item number:  LL.001  
    Contributor:  Karl V. Teeter (donor)
    Language:  Abenaki
  6. [Miscellaneous Eastern Algonquian materials] ([undated])
    Item number:  Teeter.012  
    Contributors:  Janet L. Warne (author), E.T. Adne (author), Karl V. Teeter (researcher)
  7. [Passamaquoddy and Abenaki lessons and storybooks] (1970s - 1980s)
    Item number:  LL.006  
    Contributors:  Karl V. Teeter (compiler), David A. Francis (author), Robert M. Leavitt (author)