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  1. [Yukian comparative lists] (1982 June 29 - 1986 June 26)
    Contributors:  Catherine A. Callaghan (author), William Elmendorf (researcher, author), Victor Golla (annotator), Alice Shepherd (donor)
    Languages:  Yukian, Algic, Uto-Aztecan, Utian, Miwok
  2. [Notes and comparative lists for “Roots of Yuki”] (Undated)
    Item number:  Shepherd.001.007  
    Contributor:  Alice Shepherd (researcher)
  3. [Voegelin and Hale] (1970)
    Item number:  2014-21.002.060  
    Contributors:  William H. Jacobsen (researcher), Ronald Langacker (researcher)
  4. Typological and Genetic Notes on Switch-Reference Systems in North American Indian Languages (undated)
    Item number:  2014-21.002.099  
    Relations to this item:  Jacobsen.007 replaced by this Item
    Contributor:  William H. Jacobsen (researcher)
  5. [Miscellaneous academic correspondence] (1979 to 1982)
    Item number:  2014-21.005.004  
    Contributors:  William H. Jacobsen (researcher), Jay Powell (researcher), Lloyd B. Anderson (researcher), Alice Harris (researcher), Carolyn J. Jenkins (researcher), Kenneth W. Whistler (researcher), James P. Green (researcher), Madison Beeler (researcher), Terry J. Klokeid (researcher), Darlene Ammons (researcher), Barrick Van Winkle (researcher)