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  1. New verbs; Uninflected verbs; Directionals; Customs associated with the dead (16 May 2004)
    Contributors:  Jimmie James (consultant), Juliette Blevins (researcher)
    Language:  Yurok
    Access restrictions: restricted access (consult repository)
  2. Yurok language, literature, and culture (1974)
    Item number:  LL.014  
    Contributors: [unknown]
    Language:  Yurok
  3. Target language/culture competency exam for the languages and culture of four American Indian tribes ([undated])
    Item number:  LL.015  
    Contributors: [unknown]
    Languages:  Hupa, Yurok, Karuk, Tolowa
  4. [California languages animal names] (1970s-1980s)
    Item number:  Oswalt.002.010  
    Contributor:  Oswalt family (donor)
  5. [Yurok field notes] ([undated])
    Item number:  Proulx.001  
    Contributors:  Paul Proulx (researcher), Ella Norris (consultant), Dewey George (consultant), Aileen Figueroa (consultant), Florence Shaughnessy (consultant), Frank Douglas (consultant)
    Language:  Yurok
  6. [Wiyot field notebook 3] (undated)
    Item number:  Reichard.002.003  
    Contributors:  Jerry James (consultant), Amos Riley (consultant), Della Prince (consultant), Warren Brainerd (consultant), Gladys Amanda Reichard (researcher), Mrs. Bartow (consultant), Mrs. Searson (consultant), Mrs. Buckley (consultant), Birdie James (consultant)
    Languages:  Wiyot, Yurok
  7. [Transcriptions of Yurok recordings] ([1951])
    Item number:  Robins.001  
    Contributor:  R. H. (Robert Henry) Robins (researcher)
    Languages:  Yurok, Pomo
  8. Yurok notes (1966 January)
    Item number:  Sapir.005  
    Contributor:  Edward Sapir (researcher)
    Language:  Yurok
  9. California Indian keepsakes (1973)
    Item number:  Sawyer.105  
    Contributors:  Richard Dillon (author), Ardis M. Walker (author), William J. Wallace (author), Donald I. Segerstrom (author), Lawrence E. Dawson (author), Norman L. Wilson (author), Jack Werner Stauffacher (editor), Henry Ke'a'a'la Azbill (author), Francis A. Riddell (author), Harry R. Goff (editor), Carl Schaefer Dentzel (author), Dorothea J. Theodoratus (author), Michael Harrison (editor), Don Meadows (author)
  10. [Drafts and correspondence related to “Another Look at Wappo-Yuki Loans”] (1986-1998)
    Item number:  Shepherd.002.009  
    Contributors:  Catherine A. Callaghan (annotator), William Elmendorf (author), Alice Shepherd (researcher, author)