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  1. [Notes on negation and irrealis in Yuman] (1990 September)
    Item number:  Grekoff.018.017  
    Contributor:  George Grekoff (researcher)
    Language:  Yuman
  2. Some thoughts on Hokan with particular reference to Pomoan and Yuman ([undated])
    Item number:  Langdon.001  
    Contributor:  Margaret Langdon (researcher)
    Languages:  Yuman, Pomo
  3. Proto-Northern Yuman-Paipai so far (March 1966)
    Item number:  Haas.068.013  
    Contributors:  Mary R. Haas (researcher), Alan Shaterian (author)
    Languages:  Yuman, Paipai
  4. [Map of Yuman languages]
    Item number:  Maps.003.007  
    Contributor:  anonymous (compiler)
    Language:  Yuman
  5. [Miscellaneous Hokan Research Notes]
    Item number:  2014-21.002.058  
    Contributor:  William H. Jacobsen (researcher)
    Languages:  Washo, Karuk, Hokan, Yuman, Lencan
  6. Hokan Languages of Mexico (undated)
    Item number:  2014-21.002.098  
    Contributor:  William H. Jacobsen (researcher)
  7. [Yana research materials]
    Item number:  2014-21.004.012  
    Contributors:  Edward Sapir (researcher), Bruce E. Nevin (researcher, annotator), John Harrington (researcher), David Burkeuroad (researcher)
  8. Kiliwa and Proto-Yuman Reconstruction (01 Jan 1970)
    Item number:  2014-21.004.037  
    Contributor:  Mauricio J. Mixco (researcher)
    Languages:  Yuman, Kiliwa