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  1. A sketch of Ventureño Chumash (2010)
    Contributor:  Richard B. Applegate (researcher)
    Language:  Ventureño
  2. [Shasta, Karuk, and Chumash field notes] (1950-1952)
    Contributors:  William Bright (researcher), Julia Starritt (speaker), Fred Wix (speaker), Mrs. Levas (speaker)
  3. English-Inezeno Chumash vocabulary; English-Chumash vocabulary; Twenty-nine words and phrases of the dialect of the San Miguel (Salinan) Indians and four phrases of the San Luis Obispo Obispeno Chumash), given by Rafael Solaris, compared with Tsa-ma-la (Barbareno Chumash) ([undated])
    Item number:  Henshaw.m001.006  
    Contributors:  G.H. Gould (researcher), Henry W. Henshaw (researcher), L.G. Gates (researcher)
  4. San Buenaventura or Mis-ka-na-kan (Ventureno Chumash) vocabulary November 18, 1884 ([undated])
    Item number:  Henshaw.m001.007  
    Contributor:  Henry W. Henshaw (researcher)
    Language:  Ventureño