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  1. [Index of Abraham Halpern's notebooks]
    Item number:  2014-12.002.099  
    Relations to this item: Aoki.002 replaced by this Item
    Contributor:  Haruo Aoki (researcher)
  2. [Comparative Pomo vocabulary] (undated)
    Item number:  AA.009  
    Contributor:  anonymous (researcher)
  3. [Northern and Central Pomo texts] (undated)
    Item number:  Barrett.005.001  
    Contributor:  S.A. Barrett (researcher)
  4. [Northern and Central Pomo texts] (1902-1904)
    Item number:  Barrett.005.002  
    Contributor:  S.A. Barrett (researcher)
  5. [Pomo field notes] (1906)
    Contributors:  S.A. Barrett (researcher), Bill James (consultant)
  6. [Chart showing lexical borrowing in Pomo] (1905-1907)
    Contributor:  S.A. Barrett (researcher)
  7. Pomo Ling Verbs -essives &c. C & N Pomo. July and Aug. 1907 (1907)
    Contributor:  S.A. Barrett (researcher)
  8. [Northern, Central, and Southern Pomo vocabulary] (1905-1907)
    Contributor:  S.A. Barrett (researcher)
  9. Children avenge the death of their parents with yellowjackets (1906)
    Item number:  Barrett.007 (3 digital files) 
    Contributors:  Bob Pat (consultant), S.A. Barrett (researcher)
    Language:  Northern Pomo
  10. [Pomo and Yuki notes and vocabulary] (1948)
    Item number:  Barrett.014  
    Contributor:  S.A. Barrett (researcher)
    Languages:  Northern Pomo, Kashaya, Yuki