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  1. [Hokan Comparative Vocabulary]
    Item number:  2014-21.002.020  
    Contributor:  William H. Jacobsen (researcher)
  2. California Indian Languages
    Item number:  2014-21.002.059  
    Contributors:  William H. Jacobsen (researcher), William Bright (researcher), William Elmendorf (researcher)
  3. Observations on the Yana Stop Series in Relationship to Problems of Comparative Hokan Phonology (1970 to 1976)
    Item number:  2014-21.002.094  
    Contributor:  William H. Jacobsen (researcher)
    Languages:  Hokan, Yana, Washo, Karuk, Shasta
  4. [Yana research materials]
    Item number:  2014-21.004.012  
    Contributors:  Edward Sapir (researcher), Bruce E. Nevin (researcher, annotator), John Harrington (researcher), David Burkeuroad (researcher)
  5. [Shasta vocabulary] (undated)
    Item number:  AA.012  
    Contributor:  anonymous (researcher)
    Language:  Shasta
  6. The Shasta language (undated)
    Item number:  Angulo.007  
    Contributors:  L.S. Freeland (researcher), Jaime de Angulo (researcher)
    Language:  Shasta
  7. [Sample of Shasta; 1928] (undated)
    Item number:  Angulo.008  
    Contributor:  Jaime de Angulo (researcher)
    Language:  Shasta
  8. [Field notes on languages of northwestern California] (1950-1952)
    Contributors:  Haynes Bateman (speaker), William Bright (researcher), Sam Brown (consultant), Emily Gordon (speaker), Clara Wix (speaker), Ned Jackson (speaker)
    Languages:  Hupa, Karuk, Shasta, Yurok, Chimariko
  9. [Karok and Shasta field notes] (1950-1952)
    Contributors:  William Bright (researcher), Frank Muree (consultant), Fanny Brown (consultant)
    Languages:  Karuk, Shasta
  10. [Shasta field notes] (1950-1952)
    Contributors:  William Bright (researcher), Sargent Sambo (speaker)
    Languages:  Karuk, Shasta