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  1. Tonkawa
  1. [Hokan Comparative Vocabulary]
    Item number:  2014-21.002.020  
    Contributor:  William H. Jacobsen (researcher)
  2. Switch Reference
    Item number:  2014-21.002.035  
    Contributor:  William H. Jacobsen (researcher)
    Languages:  Washo, Tonkawa, Kashaya
  3. Typological and Genetic Notes on Switch-Reference Systems in North American Indian Languages (undated)
    Item number:  2014-21.002.099  
    Relations to this item:  Jacobsen.007 replaced by this Item
    Contributor:  William H. Jacobsen (researcher)
  4. [Yana research materials]
    Item number:  2014-21.004.012  
    Contributors:  Edward Sapir (researcher), Bruce E. Nevin (researcher, annotator), John Harrington (researcher), David Burkeuroad (researcher)
  5. Tonkawa and Hokan: A new approach ([1970])
    Item number:  Oswalt.004.028  
    Contributors:  Robert L. Oswalt (author), Oswalt family (donor)
    Languages:  Tonkawa, Kashaya, Karuk, Cocopa, Wappo
  6. Papers from the Seminar in American Indian Linguistics (1964)
    Item number:  Teeter.003.001  
    Contributors:  James Fidelholtz (author), John M. Francis (author), Karl V. Teeter (compiler), Susumu Kuno (author), Michael Silverstein (author)