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  1. [Miscellaneous notes on Oregon Athabaskan languages] (2010)
    Item number:  Dorsey.003.017  
    Contributor:  James Owen Dorsey (researcher)
  2. Concordance of the Athapascan languages (2010)
    Item number:  Anderson.001  
    Contributor:  A.C. Anderson (researcher)
  3. Vocabulary of "Umpqua valley (proper)" (2010)
    Item number:  Milhau.001  
    Contributor:  John J. Milhau (researcher)
    Language:  Upper Umpqua
  4. [Vocabularies and census form southwest Oregon] (2010)
    Item number:  Barnhardt.001  
    Contributors:  George Gibbs (researcher), W.H. Barnhardt (researcher)
  5. [Comparative vocabulary of Upper Umpqua and Kwalhioqua] (2010)
    Item number:  Roehrig.001  
    Contributor:  F.L.O. Roehrig (compiler)
  6. Umpqua (Athapascan) vocabulary, recorded at Grande Ronde Indian Reservation, Polk Co., Oregon (2010)
    Item number:  Gatschet.007  
    Contributor:  Albert S. Gatschet (researcher)
    Language:  Upper Umpqua
  7. Observations on the coast tribes of Oregon (2010)
    Item number:  Gibbs.002  
    Contributors:  George Gibbs (author), James Owen Dorsey (annotator)