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      1. Coast Yuki
      2. Huchnom
      3. Yuki
    1. Wappo
  1. [Correspondence between William Elmendorf and Jesse Sawyer] (1964-1980)
    Item number:  Elmendorf.010  
    Contributor:  William Elmendorf (researcher)
    Language:  Yukian
  2. Wappo ethnobotany (1973-05-31)
    Item number:  Patterson.001  
    Contributor:  Scott Patterson (researcher)
    Language:  Yukian
  3. [The Yuki Ghost Dance] (1975)
    Item number:  Sawyer.t001  
    Contributor:  Jesse O. Sawyer (researcher)
    Language:  Yukian
  4. [Ghost Dance] (1975)
    Item number:  Sawyer.t002  
    Contributor:  Jesse O. Sawyer (researcher)
    Language:  Yukian
  5. [Yukian comparative lists] (1982 June 29 - 1986 June 26)
    Contributors:  Catherine A. Callaghan (author), William Elmendorf (researcher, author), Victor Golla (annotator), Alice Shepherd (donor)
    Languages:  Yukian, Algic, Uto-Aztecan, Utian, Miwok
  6. [Notes on sound correspondences between Wappo and Proto-Yukian as well as Proto-Northern Yukian] (Undated)
    Item number:  Shepherd.001.008  
    Contributor:  Alice Shepherd (researcher)
    Languages:  Wappo, Northern Yukian, Yukian
  7. [“Features of Yukian Pronominal Structure” with notes and correspondence] (1981 October 29 - 1983 February 4)
    Item number:  Shepherd.002.005  
    Contributors:  William Elmendorf (author), Alice Shepherd (donor, annotator)
    Language:  Yukian
  8. [Schlichter dissertation correspondence] (1981 October 31 – 1985)
    Item number:  Shepherd.002.007  
    Contributors:  Haruo Aoki (author), Howard Berman (author), William Elmendorf (author), Alice Shepherd (researcher)
    Language:  Yukian
  9. [BAE Bulletin 78, Plates 26, 27, 36, 47, 48, 57, 74] (1925)
    Item number:  Maps.002.004  
    Contributor:  A.L. Kroeber (compiler)